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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

[NEWS 2014] 김남길 Kim Nam Gil donates talent by narrating for "Glory For Everyone"

Actor Kim Nam-gil contributed his skills as a narrator for the touching documentary movie, "Glory For Everyone".

Having much interest in soccer, Kim Nam-gil didn't hesitate when the offer was made.

Kim Nam-gil is an experienced narrator from the MBC documentary "Tears of the Amazon" and his addition to "Glory For Everyone" apparently made the documentary richer and more fulfilling.

"Glory For Everyone" is the story of 6 years of 'Hope FC', the first kids' soccer team from a community child center. The touching movie was awarded a prize at the 15th Jeonju International Film Festival and is being released on the 6th.

Meanwhile, Kim Nam-gil is set to star in "Dori Artist" after "Rouge". (source : Hancinema)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

[ Movie 2015] 김남길 Kim Nam Gil to star in "Dori Artist" with Ryoo Seung-ryong and Suzy

Actor Kim Nam-gil is starring in the movie "Dori Artist".

He's starring in the role of Heungseon Daewongun.

"Dori Artist" is a short song made by Sin Jae-hyo in memory of Chae-seon. Ryoo Seung-ryong stars as Sin Jae-hyo, the master of Joseon Pansori and Suzy takes on the role of his beloved students and the first female master singer, Jin Chae-seon. Kim Nam-gil has been chosen to play the role of Heungseon Daewongun, the cause of conflict.

Kim Nam-gil and director Lee Jong-pil have once met in the classic documentary movie "Ensemble". (source)



Based on the real story of Shin Jae-Hyo and Chae-Sun. 
Shin Jae-Hyo (Ryoo Seung-Ryong ) teaches pansori (traditional Korean musical storytelling) to Chae-Sun (Bae Suzy). The woman was born to a female shaman. Chae-Sun possesses a gift for performing pansori.
Meanwhile, Daewongun, the most powerful man in Joseon and the father of the King, is attracted to Chae-Sun and makes her his concubine. Shin Jae-Hyo realizes he loves Chae-Sun and writes the song "Dorihwaga". 


  1. Korean title "Dorihwaga" refers to a particular song that is a danga. Danga are short song, sung to relieve the throat before singing a pansori (a traditional Korean musical storytelling performance).
  2. The danga "Dorihwaga" was written by pansori writer Shin Jae-Hyo (played by Ryoo Seung-Ryong in the movie) for his pupil Chae-Sun (played by Bae Suzy in the movie). 
  3. Filming is scheduled to begin September, 2014. 


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

[ Movie 2014] 김남길 Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin to Keep “Hug and Drinks” Promise to Fans After “The Pirates” Reached 7 Million Viewers

“The Pirates” lead actors Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin will be celebrating the box office success of their movie by giving back to their fans through a special event!

According to a representative from “The Pirates,” the thanksgiving event is a fulfillment of the promise the two actors made to their fans: if the movie reaches seven million views, Kim Nam Gil will give 70 fans a back hug while Son Ye Jin will drink beer together with another 70 fans.

“The cast including Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin as well as Director Lee Seok Hoon will participate in the thanksgiving event of ‘The Pirates.’ Also, they will hold an even more meaningful event wherein they will personally extend their gratitude to the fans who watched ‘The Pirates,’” said Lotte Entertainment, the distributor of “The Pirates,” on September 1.

The thanksgiving event is said to take place on September 3, 7 p.m. (KST) at the Lotte Cinema near Konkuk University. (SOOMPI)

Monday, August 18, 2014

[ Movie 2014] 김남길 Kim Nam Gil 's 'The Pirates' surpasses 4 million views

The Pirates' obliterated its opening week score.

According to Korea Fim Council's database summary, movie 'The Pirates' surpassed 4 million views as of August 17th.

It took 12 days for 'The Pirates' to surpass 4 million views, and this pace is 4 days faster than that of movie 'Gwang Hae,' which took 16 days to surpass 4 million views.

More people watched 'The Pirates' than the first week. On August 15th, 515,070 people watched 'The Pirates,' and on August 16th, 492,505 people watched the movie.

The seat occupancy rate peaked 72.9% on 15th, and 66.8% on 16th, which is the highest rate among all of the films that were released this summer. At the moment, people are focusing their attention to whether 'The Pirates' will be able to break the record of 'Roaring Currents.'

Many fans are showing great excitement for this news as well, and one fan gifted a caricature of the main characters to the actors.

Meanwhile, 'The Pirates' is getting played at every movie theaters in Korea.
/Reporting by Lee Mi-Ji

Monday, August 11, 2014

[ Movie 2014] 김남길 Kim Nam Gil- A behind photo from a promotion event of 'The Pirates' unveiled

A behind photo from a promotion event of 'The Pirates' was revealed.

On August 9th, movie 'The Pirates' surpassed 1 million views, and this weekend, the main actors and actresses are traveling around several theaters in Seoul to meet with the audiences.

The production team, actors, and actresses of 'The Pirates' showed a fabulous teamwork during every promotion events that they had so far, and the newly released photo shows them posing for a photo in a waiting room.

They held promotion events in Busan and Daegu last week, and it is said that they showed another amazing teamwork during the event.

It has been four days since 'The Pirates' was officially released, and it is quickly rising on box office charts of every theaters.

Meanwhile, 'The Pirates' revolves around a giant whale, which swallowed a royal seal, and the coming together of a mountain bandit named Jang Sa Jung (Kim Nam Gil), and a female pirate named Yeo Wol (Son Ye Jin) to capture the whale.
/Reporting by Lee Mi-Ji