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Monday, July 28, 2014

[Interview| Movie 2014] 김남길(Kim Nam Gil) Enjoyed Filming ′Pirates′ with Son Ye Jin and f(x)’s Sulli

Kim Nam Gil confessed that he couldn’t leave the filming site even when there were no scenes for him to film.

Kim Nam Gil met with Newsen on July 24 in a café in Samcheong-dong prior to the release of his newest film Pirates.

Having co-starred with Son Ye Jin in the drama Shark, Kim Nam Gil acted opposite the actress again in the film Pirates.

The actor said, “So when I filmed alone, I felt scared and lonely.”

Kim Nam Gil said, “I was comfortable filming with Son Ye Jin, because we’re close. Before the filming began Son Ye Jin, Sulli and I would all gather in a container and play games. We played games like ‘3,6,9’ and ‘007’ while we waited for filming to start.”

Kim Nam Gil continued, “We waited from the morning but due to certain circumstances, we couldn’t film that day at all. The production team apologized to us but we said, ‘It’s okay,’ and continued playing games. Pirates is supposed to be an entertaining film. I think the closeness between the cast members have been directly conveyed to the film.”
Meanwhile, Pirates is an action adventure film about the ‘great seal’ that goes missing after an attack by a whale, just a couple weeks before the establishment of Joseon.

In order to find the great seal, various forces around the country, including the pirates and bandits, will be facing each other in a battle to locate the lost seal.

The film is set to premiere on August 6.

Photo credit: Newsen
Source : enewsworld

Saturday, July 5, 2014

[Movie 2014] 김남길(Kim Nam Gil) 's 'The Pirates' releases full trailer , to premiere on August 6

One of the highest budget films of 2014 'The Pirates' releases the full trailer showcasing the grand character and story plot of the movie.

Excerpt from Hancinema:

With 120 staff overseeing 3,000 costumes, the film was ambitious and took a year to complete. Director Lee Seok-hoon said his work, loosely based on the Great Seal of Korea going missing during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) was "a fusion of history and imagination".

For the lead Son, rather than historical or comedic appeal, she couldn't turn down the irresistible female pirate lead, Yeo-wol.

"I've never tried an action film, and in what small portion of action there was in my previous comedy or melodrama works, I found it so hard", said Son. When shooting got underway in the middle of winter, Son admitted she wanted to cry and that all she can remember now is "how cold it was".

"But this character is unprecedented in Korea, so I thought I should get on board before I get older", Son said.

The film opens Aug. 6

Monday, June 2, 2014

[Movie 2014] 김남길(Kim Nam Gil) 's upcoming movie Pirates 해적 releases first trailer [Video | Screen caps]

It is beyond awesome! June is welcomed with Kim Nam Gil's upcoming movie 'Pirates' first trailer, showcasing the highlights of the movie with the introduction of the main leads, Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin. Both have starred together in the mini drama series in 2013, 'Shark' and followed with the movie project after the drama's broadcast.

Set in the early Joseon Dynasty, a group led by a female pirate and another group led by a male bandit are on a mission to hunt down a whale that swallowed the royal seal bestowed on Joseon from China (wikipedia).

The movie is set to premiere on August 7, 2014.

Friday, May 30, 2014

[NEWS 2014] Kim Nam Gil 김남길 'The Pirates' Pre-Sells to 15 Countries

South Korean maritime action film The Pirates was picked up by 15 countries across North America, Europe and Asia at the Cannes Film Market, Lotte Entertainment announced Wednesday. The successful presale for the summer release title marks a rare feat for local period films.

Preselling rights went to distributors across North and South Americas, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Mexico, India, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Myanmar, among other territories.

"This marks the highest presale rate for a Korean period film this year," said a spokesperson for Lotte Entertainment. "After only seeing just a short clip, foreign buyers have noted the quality and scale of the computer graphics, as well as the impressive action sequences that demonstrate wide mainstream appeal."

Directed by Lee Seok-hoon, The Pirates follows the face off between pirates and a tyrannical captain to score a kingly booty during the 14th century Joseon Kingdom. The film made headlines for starring actress Son Ye-jin, who has been popular across Asia for romantic heroine roles, as a charismatic pirate. Other notable cast members include heartthrob Kim Nam-gil, who will be appearing opposite Cannes jury member Jeon Do-yeon in A Bastard, and Sulli of K-pop girl band f(x).

The Pirates is slated for a summer release in Korea.

Src: THR via Pirates Thread
check more photos here : Kim Nam Gil 김남길 'The Pirates' Pre-Sells to 15 Countries
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

[NEWS 2014] キム・ナムギル Kim Nam Gil 김남길 to star with Jeon Do-yeon in The Rogue

Kim Nam-gil (Shark) will work for the first time opposite veteran actress Jeon Do-yeon in the upcoming movieThe Rogue, written and directed by Oh Seung-wook (Kilimanjaro) The suspense film will be about an investigator on the hunt for a killer, the killer’s girlfriend and the unexpected and carnal attraction that develops between the officer and the killer’s mate.
Jeon Do-yeon has been cast as the murderer’s significant other — when he goes on the lam she awaits his return. In his absence Kim Nam-gil establishes himself in her life, but she doesn’t know he’s a cop tracking her boyfriend and she begins to fall for him. It’s a role described as one requiring the co-existence of despairimmorality, tenacity and purity but we know Jeon Do-yeon can pull it off — during her almost 25-year career (um, kind of crazy but I remember watching her and Jang Dong-gun in their debut drama Our Paradise), she’s put in some amazing performances and has been recognized for her work both domestically and internationally.
Kim Nam-gil’s character is hell-bent on finding the criminal by any means necessary. Eventually he is unable to deny his feelings for Jeon Do-yeon, and we’ll see him struggle with his growing desire to be with her and his responsibility to capture and put her man behind bars This was a smart next project for Kim, as this meaty role (partnered with an always solid actress) in a heavier crime movie will follow the release of the blockbuster Piratethis summer Jeon also has a big budget production being released soon, Gallant Woman: Memory of the Sword
The Rogue is expected to begin filming in mid-June, after Jeon Do-yeon returns from serving on the jury at the Cannes Film Festival
Via My Daily reposted from wiki