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Kim Nam Gil's Journey: Military Enlistment Part I (The Farewell)

It was the end of June when SJ entertainment issued a press release about Kim Nam Gil's draft notice on July 15, 2010. He was currently shooting the Bad Guy at that time. SBS and SJ took their shot to extend the delay of his enlistment but was then denied. 

IMPACT ON BADGUY (source: allkpop)

With Kim Nam Gil set to join the army on the 15th, his ongoing drama Bad Guy will now be shortened.
Kim Nam Gil who is the main lead, had appealed for an extension so that he could finish the 20 episode drama. But the army turned down his appeal and he will have to enlist on the 15th. He is now rushing through the filming of the episodes before he leaves.
The drama is now going to end at 17 episodes which is three less than they hoped for. It’s definitely going to be hard to cut down so much of the plot but what can you do? Kim Nam Gil and his fans are definitely disappointed to see it end like this.
Filming will conclude tomorrow and the final episode will air on August 5th.

On July 15, 2010 fans from True Eyes and neighboring Asian countries like China and Japan bid farewell to KNG as he entered the Nonsan Camp for a four-week boot camp training. (see related video below)

Here is the translation courtesy of Kidcin

Kim will receive four weeks of basic training at Nonsan and then work as a public service worker for the next two years. After apologizing to fans about his sudden military leave, the actor asked them, "You will wait for me, right?" 

The fans responded with loud cheers and by making sign language motions translating into "You are the most beautiful. We love you."  (Admin's note: This was inspired by the gesture made by Shim Geun Wook to Hong Tae-ra in Bad Guy)

Kim Nam Gil mentioned that his ex female co-stars had sent some farewell greetings: 

Go Hyun Jung (Queen Seon Deok) told him over the phone to have a pleasant journey and return safely. 

Kim Hye Soo (Modern Boy) who normally calls him by "child/baby" called and expressed her concern and regret, asking for him to return safely. 

Han Ga In (Bad Guy) who has experienced sending her husband to the army gave KNG useful advice and shared related stories. Saying "With a personality like yours, don't be too hard on yourself, take good care and come back safely." 
Kim Nam Gil also told actress Oh Yun Soo "Sister, I've already started to miss you. Do call me."


KNGPH joined the other fans in the netizen community to send Kim Nam Gil off to Nonsan.  The following are videos made by the admins: