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Kim Nam Gil :Interview by TOP MAGAZINE (Japan, April 2010)

One of the famous Japanese magazine "TOP Magazine"
published its third volume with Kim Nam Gil as an ornamental cover of the magazine. Here's a summary of an interview with Kim Nam Gil by TOP Magazine while in Japan some time ago:

Q: How do you feel about your current popularity?

Kim Nam Gil : Since my debut more than 10 years ago, for the first time, i feel good about this (Laughs). Although , we were taught that in this world you can not find your place, but try to make our own. But now, this state im having makes me almost not to believe it. I am really happy. However, even though my life has changed, i still continue to improve a better performance. It's more like a responsibility.

Q: Why you initially used the name Lee Han then replaced it with the original name of Kim Nam Gil?

Kim Nam Gil : I am more like the other actors who wants to use the name of Lee Han in the early debut. However, after all these years, I wanted to act like the mood I wanted, so I started using my real name.

Q: What made you want to become an actor?

Kim Nam Gil : From high school and beyond. One day i got a chance to play theater, after being part of it I was really impressed. I did not know that the theater can have the relationship between the stage the audience's enthusiasm and energy flows.Since then i want to try to see the stages that contain all about acting in any art.

Q: Whose actor do you want to become?

Kim Nam Gil : I love Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. In Asia, I like Tony Leung as his eyes look very charming.

Q: The movie or TV series you like?

Kim Nam Gil : Rather than an action film, I liked the feeling more intense than drama. I was much impressed by the movie .* Failan

Q: Do you like Japanese dramas and movies? Who are your favorite Japanese artist?

Kim Nam Gil : Absolutely. I often work in Jepang. I like the drama "a million stars falling from the sky" . It was a very impressive performance of artist Eri Fukatsu. I also liked the film "Land of the Dead on the road" starring Yuko Takeuchi.

Q: Who is your ideal woman?

Kim Nam Gil : my ideal type is almost equal to men in general. A woman with long straight hair, wearing a white suit, beautiful eyes, a pretty girl.

Q: How do you relieve stress?

Kim Nam Gil: I attend get-togethers with family. I have busy schedules and a little time for my family. But as long as someone has the time, I tried to make up with family. If I am very much stressed, I find time to sing, and sometimes go to karaoke. I do also exercise.

Q: When do you feel happy?

Kim Nam Gil: When I am working. Also, i feel good doing public service activities. When I indulge myself in acting, I can feel truly alive. I feel good attending to social community services because of those smiling faces that make many people happy.

Q: Your character in real life is like?

Kim Nam Gil : I think I'm a very ordinary in general. I eat good food, sleep, and sometimes laugh ...... yah ...^^ a refreshing character. My appearance in TV show is one of the many sides of me.

Q: Does being an actor is your purpose in life?

Kim Nam Gil : No matter how difficult and hard it is, I want to go all out on the acting. It is my goal and I will not regret it! I'm still learning a lot more from senior artists. In the future I want to be someone else. I also want to learn from many actors.

Q: At age 30 this year, what do you feel about your life path?

Kim Nam Gil : This year, I want to go all out as Kim Nam Gil (Laughs). They said when you gets older, you will be responsible for your own image, and I want to be like that. As a man I need to work carefully, and have a good heart. At the age of 30 I want to become a top actor.

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Kim Nam Gil Interview from 'TOP' Magazine Japan Part 2

from http://www.allaboutkimnamgil.blogspot.com/
translation: Lyra