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Kim Nam Gil :Interview by TOP MAGAZINE PART II (Japan, April 2010)

In addition to his personal life, Kim Nam Gil was also interviewed about the drama Queen Seon Deok , Bad Guy and the film Portrait of a Beauty. Here's the summary:

Q: How did you protray the multiple personalities (good and bad) of Bidam?

Kim Nam Gil : Bi Dam crossed the line from a common character in the drama based in history. This character is more refreshing since I based my character from heroic figures inspired by Japanese manga Vagabond and Slamdunk. Bidam will be told about his life’s journey from birth and eventually to suffer from severe changes / transformation from good to evil.

Q: Are there any special training to do the action scenes?

Kim Nam Gil : It was more like a sport. There is training, But I did not do it alone. I was assisted by the staff.

Q: People say Bi Dam as a secret weapon in the drama "Queen Seon Deok." Is there any pressure?

Kim Nam Gil : When we first learned of the story, I felt the immense load of portraying it. I thought my acting was not yet full grown. But it was a dilemma after learning the enthusiasm of the audience. Many viewers favored Bidam. That felt good.

Q: Scenes where you considered the most memorable?

Kim Nam Gil : The acting of Go Hyun Jung (Mishil) is very impressive. I acquired a lot of good experiences. As a senior, she was very influential to me. I'm very happy to be able to work with her.

Q: Please introduce drama "Queen Seon Deok" to the fans from Japan!

Kim Nam Gil : This drama is about the Korean historical background of the journey of a Queen, as well as several historical figures. Korean historical drama is a good drama to watch. Specifically, saejuk is different with modern drama since the former entails the journey and description of human life. There are of course many interesting scenes in the series so please watch.

Q: Is it true you are now participating in the drama Bad Guy by Lee Hyung Min ?

Kim Nam Gil: Since the drama Queen Seon Deok’s high rating, the pressure is in me for the next working project. We want to launch new drama, I was intrigued with the work of director Lee Hyung Min, so I decided not to consider the rating and will do various kinds of acting as a good experience, so I decided to do it. But I also hope for good ratings because Han Ga In is returning to the Korean TV drama with senior actress Oh Yeon Soo.

Q: What was your role in the Bad Guy?

Kim Nam Gil: I play Geon Wook who has the ambition to become the third generation heir to the chaebol. It's still in the process of filming.

Q: The film " Portrait of a Beauty, "which tells the story of painter Shin Yun Bok in the era of Joseon Dynasty, disguised as a man to become court painter and fell in love with Kang Moo. How was the character Kang Moo?

Kim Nam Gil : Kang Moo is a very simple person. I could feel the pure love of the man and I decided to do it .. love of a man's heart without expecting anything really touched me.

Q: It is out of topic, how is your body shape?

Kim Nam Gil : I like sports. There is no special training for the shooting.

Q: In the movie, Kang Moo can do anything for love, how about you?

Kim Nam Gil : My love is very simple. When you fall in love, it is not easy to get rid of it. Me and Kang Moo are not the same. Although in some ways love will make us mad, but I would still be grateful for it.

Q: What can yo say about the support from Japanese fans?

Kim Nam Gil : I become aware of how Japan acknowledged Portrait of a Beauty , Because the film is about the painting, as well as the strong color from a South Korean film. I think this is an interesting film and with the support of everybody, I will continue to strive to become actor.

Q: How is it to stay in Japan?

Kim Nam Gil : My first time in Japan was during the premiere of released film " No Regret "(2006). At that time, I also came to Tokyo and see the street Scape. It was very fresh and beautiful and ... people there are very polite ... The streets are very clean,

The drama "Bad Guy" was once filmed at Nagoya. Nagoya and Tokyo has a different charm. As if Japan is destined to look like that.

Q: What do you expect with your activity in Japan?

Kim Nam Gil : I see Japan as the Asian network. I want the fans to know the charm and culture of Korea.

from: http://www.allaboutkimnamgil.blogspot.com/
translation: lyra