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News Update: Kim Nam Gil Contributes in PLAN Korea's Advertising Campaign

Actor  Kim Nam Gil who is currently working as a public service personnel (for his two years military enlistment) again volunteered for Plan Korea Advertising Campaign by doing the voice over for free. Kim Nam Gil, International child relief organization Plan Korea (www.plankorea.or.kr) and KBS N collaborated for a public service advertising campaign in order to promote and encourage donations from overseas.

Plan Korea and KNG appeals to the public to help bring more attention to children worldwide who are in desperate need of assistance due to poverty or natural disaster.

Noted that in January this year, Kim Nam Gil went to Padang (an Indonesian Island) to visit and extend relief supplies to families and children who are victims from the severe earthquake that took place last October 2009. Plan Korea continues to extend voluntary works for children through out the third world countries.

The documentary released this year, Tears of Amazon , which was also narrated by Kim Nam Gil was the inspiration for the said campaign. Having an attractive voice, it was an advantage to encourage more donations. Included in the video are photos taken in Indonesia.

"Sharing my voice in the video seems to be simple " Kim Nam Gil said. "But in the end, sharing those little things can somewhat  bring hope to the children through out the world".

source: Press Release Source: Korea Council Plan
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