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Bad Guy Encore: The Spectacular Scenery in Episode 4

Cinematography definitely stood out in this drama. Thanks to the creative hands of the PD and the rest of his crew. Aside from the power casts, and OST, sceneries like these photos  captured me in an instant. It's one of my favorite scenes.




By the way, i find the beach-scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs scene close to reality.  After harsh, insulting exchange of words by the couple at the earlier part  , Geun Wook did make ammends to Jae-in. I find the car keys snatching cute , but this scene really won me over, like Jae-in. It's one of the few moments where you just want to unleash your embarrassment and end it with a smile. Just like that. No more flowery convo or whatsoever.

posted by lyra
credits: True Eyes Kim Nam Gil

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