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LEE HAN 2007: First Fan Meeting

Am sure most of the Pinoy KNG Fans missed out Kim Nam Gil as Lee Han, so here's a recap of his First Fan Meeting/Birthday Party in 2007, credits to zhengting81 for the videos . (You can check our KNGPH You Tube Channel).   

WARNING: Aegyo overload ahead! ^_^

He was simply shy here. ^_^


"I like girls not boys! " Lee Han clarifies. Haha.

 He is with Park Gun-hyung (박건형)and Park Si-yeon (박시연) on the stage. They were in the same drama "when Spring Come" together with Lee Han. Park Si-yeon and Lee Han work for the same company.
(Watch out for the *dirty finger* at the last part. LOL )

He was doing this mannerism all the time . ^^

Overwhelmed <3

(Note: all videos are not English subbed. )


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