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After Kim Nam Gil: Artists participating in Documentary Narrations

Professional voice narrations by stars for historical documentaries gradually increased recently.  It is essential that the voice narration should have exact content delivery and appeal that shall move the hearts of the audience. Even better, it should have a friendly voice. However, stories with celebrities as narrators emerged as one of the elements of the show.

Last February 11, MBC's Special : Seven Lives received rave reviews from viewers. It was narrated by celebrity Don. The story tackled about children aging 7 years old. The voice of Don captivated the viewers from his comfortable narration about the joy, sorrow, anger and love.

In 2009, narration for documentary was premiered by actor Kim Nam Gil for the MBC's Tears of Amazon, followed by the W, World and I special about the Padang Earthquake victims.

It was noted that Tears of Amazon garnered an interesting rating of 40 %, which was considered a distinct success in the documentary shows. Producers commended that the success was because of Kim Nam Gil's well-pulled narration plus the calm and soothing voice he has.

Kim Nam Gil comments regarding his narration :  (lifted from Allure Magazine interview)

Your voice narration in “Tears of Amazon” left a deep impression on the audience. How did you manage that?
The documentary "Tears in the Arctic" made an impact on me. While watching TV alone at home, I thought, “Ah, polar bears are left with nothing to eat now.” and even shed a lot of tears. Normally, I enjoy watching TV programmes about wild life and animals. However, after watching that documentary, I took a great interest in films related to environmental conservation, more so after hearing about the environmental damage done to the Amazon which is so important to planet Earth. I thought, “If this continues, will breathing also become a difficult task?" Right at that moment, I was contacted by the production team, so I gladly accepted the job of the narrator.

This is your first time narrating a movie, what should be noted in the process?I used other TV programs that featured real life stories as a reference as they also made use of narrators' voiceovers to relate their stories. Narrating requires a lot more skills than expected, having to express all the different emotions, not by facial expressions but by voice alone. It was indeed a difficult task.

Last November , actor Hyun Bin narrated MBC's African Tears that also garnered praises from viewers.

“I’ve always had interest in watching the ‘Earth’s Tears‘ series, so it’s a great honor for me to have the opportunity to take part in the narration. I hope that as an actor, my participation in a narration dedicated to environmental and social issues will be of great influence,” expressed Hyun Bin.

He continued, “I felt a lot of different emotions after watching the current African traditions and culture, instead of the snippets seen on ‘Animal Kingdom’ or ‘Famine24′. I hope viewers gain more interest in global warming and social issues through ‘Africa’s Tears’.

Hyun Bin was the third narrator for the ‘Earth’s Tears’ series, following An Sung Gi for ‘The North Pole’s Tears’, and Kim Nam Gil for ‘Amazon’s Tears’.

Meanwhile, actress Ko Hyung Jung also participated narrations for  SBS Final Tundra last year in commemoration of its' 20th Year Anniverssary.