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Update: Kim Nam Gil Attended Badminton Championship 2011

(AP) Yonhap News NewsHwagokdong gu, Seoul
2011-02-23 09:53

More than 500 national multicultural families participated in the Badminton Championship 2011 National Multicultural Families held in KBS Gym.

This conference on its second year represents the physical activity in multicultural families with aim to communicate with each other through thick and tablets, and furthermore contribute to social harmony. 

Competition is held in Seoul, Incheon, Daegu metropolitan area and provinces, Hwasun, Chungbuk voice,  and Kyungpook . The competition was expected to be attended by  tournament officials of multicultural families in 162 households, including more than 500 volunteers .
Opening Ceremonies begin at 10: a.m. The competition in the celebrity trial of the badminton team and the multicultural family game players was introduced.  Opening sequence is in progress to the 64 quarter-finals semi-finals and finals starting 3 pm .

Actor Kim Nam Gil  from the MBC drama 'Queen Seon Deok"  who did the role of Bidam and musical actor Lee Chang of the  KBS program 'Beautiful Women' participated in an exhibition game . Fans were taking pictures with such inspiring entertainment .

The 2008 Beijing Olympics gold medalist  in mixed doubles Lee Hyo Jung (Samsung Electronics), also joined the tournament.
Women's singles and mixed doubles matches is in progress . Winners by category may win LCD TV and computers, washing machines, microwave ovens, bicycles, etc..Lunch will be provided for contestants and family by competition.
The competition is sponsored by the Women and Family, sponsored by the National Multicultural Support Group.

source: Nate
rough translation: lyra