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Update: Kim Nam Gil to Start Studying Chinese Language in March

news by Nate

Actor Kim Nam Gil passed the entrance exam in Hankuk University and will be joining the class of 2011 for the upcoming semester in March. He will be majoring in Chinese with minor in English , Baidu and Nate news recently reported.

KNG is in Chinese Hankuk University of Foreign Studies website
"I'm interested in foreign languages and have learned a little bit of  English  but I selected major in Chinese for my Chinese-speaking fans in order to cope with their diversed culture and to be able to have communicate with the more closely," Kim Nam Gil  said.

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) is one of the leading universities in the Republic of Korea.
HUFS has been consistently ranked as one of the most prestigious higher education institutes in Korea, especially being ranked as a top in the field of Foreign Language

It was trendingover the netizen sites in Korea

It will be such a delight to his foreign fans for the initiative to learn these languages during his military service, aight? We will surely be excited to see him on July 12, 2012 and hear him speak in English! Woot!!

By the way here is the Seoul Campus of Hankuk where the foreign studies classes are held. ^^

Hankuk University

credits: Kim Nam Gil FC Thailand , Nate and Wikipedia ^^