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News Update: A one on one interview with Kim Nam Gil

This is a repost from bellva's KIM NAM GIL LJ COMMUNITY regarding the recent interview of True Eyes with actor Kim Nam Gil. I agree with Bellva about the excitement I felt then later on became sad about the end part.

Here it is:

Kim Nam Gil's current weight: 74Kg, 
ideal type: understanding, caring, and a strong independent woman.

DC: Regarding studying in university, what do you most look forward to?
a) Studying
b) University life
c) Female students from the same batch and seniors
d) Graduation
DC: As a memorial for your birthday, can you say something in Chinese?
KNG: It’s only been how long since I started!
DC: When did you start thinking you look handsome?
a) Since birth
b) After puberty
c) After changing back from Lee Han to Kim Nam Gil
d) After being an actor
DC: During your civil service, seeing that reporters mentioned your risk of growing bald, how do you feel?
KNG's multiple choice answer: No worries, didn’t grow bald at all!
DC: Currently which female guests have you been receiving at your house over at Gangnam?
a) Family and relatives
b) People in the filming industry
c) Co-workers
d) Stylist etc.

e) Fans
f) Girlfriend
g) Others as well

DC: In the last episode of Secret Garden, there’s a line “Nam Gil ah, doing good?” , what are your thoughts after hearing that?
KNG: I know it, hehe

DC: Of all the characters you played that died in the show, which do your heart still ache over when thought of?
a) Lovers Vanished
b) Queen Seon Duk
c) Portrait of a Beauty
d) Bad Guy
e) Be Strong Geum Soon

DC: Which drama have you been watching recently? Which character do you most want to portray?
KNGMidas. Most want to portray the character played by Natalie Portman in the film Black Swan.

DC: Which character in all of your previous works is closest to your ideal type?
KNG: Deokman

DC: This week’s the last episode of Sign, followed by which drama will you choose to watch?
a) Deokman (Lee Yo Won)’s 49 Days
b) Wolya (Joo Sang Wook)’s Thorn Birds
c) Royal Family

DC: Recently have you thought of which actor you would like to work with? (Name one male and one female)
KNG: This… will say when I thought of it… if there isn’t any, can’t I act alone?

DC: Living at such a fashionable place like Gangnam, why is it that you can’t be seen at the trendy boutiques there?
KNG's multiple choice answer: Dread the trend, also, only walking the path from workplace to home, home to workplace.

DC: Should be more active during your civil service, please choose a body maintaining method
a) Preventing wrinkles
b) Whitening
c) Managing pores
d) Managing hair
e) Dieting
f) Muscle building
KNG: All of these should be done 

DC: There’s a countdown till your service end, until today (March 9), how many days are left?
a) 496
b) 495
c) 494
d) 493
e) Is that day here yet?

DC: The happiest birthday you’ve spent is?
KNG: That birthday when filming Bad Guy, very memorable.

DC: Among all the presents you’ve received from DC, your favorite is?
KNG: Movies DVD

DC: Your birthday happen to be on the weekend, how will you be celebrating?
a) With family
b) With manager
c) With us DC

DC: White Day is a day after your birthday, have you thought that we will give you candies?
KNG: If there is, must I cry when I receive it?

DC: Why did you choose Chinese language?
KNG: Related to own country’s culture, filmmaking and the likes, Hollywood is slowly declining; and China’s gradually developing momentum, had me decide to study the Chinese language.

DC: Between Moon Soo (Public Enemy Returns) and Ji An (Goodbye Solo), which character do you like better? Why?
KNG: I like both characters, but love Ji An more. Ji An is someone who have nothing at all, is more pitiful, so I’ve given my love to him. 

DC: What do you usually use, call or text?
KNG: Compared to calls, I prefer texting. But I don’t text much either, they are all short… When someone text to ask if I’ve eaten, I’ll just reply with _ _ (signifying 2 words) hehe.

DC: I’ll be mad if someone were to give me a two-word reply
KNG: There’s no choice, I’m this type of person to begin with, hehe, so, friends won’t say too much either, even my manager too, he can’t stand me, haha. 

DC: Have you thought of starring in comedy or horror film after your term ends?
KNG: Those are the genre I haven’t starred in before right? Hmm… horror movies, haven’t watch a lot. The recent comedy I watched includes Romantic Debtors, I don’t know about what others think, but I thought the movie is very interesting. ActorLim Chang Jung’s comedic acting, from what I see, is the nation’s best...

DC: Do you prefer sons or daughters? Have you thought about children when you get married in future? Do you want to have a son or a daughter?
KNG: Compared to daughters I want a son more. Having to raise a daughter in this world is a little dangerous. What would happen if she were to meet someone like me, haha; for me, I want to have three kids, the first must be a son, second I want a son as well, third a daughter, this way, there will be three, haha 

DC: Do you prefer cabbage soup or soybean soup?
KNG: I like both

DC: If you can only choose 1?
KNG: Cabbage soup… lately, I’ve tried adding radish to cook with the cabbage soup, unexpectedly, it taste very refreshing, very delicious; so adding radish makes it this good, now I know, haha, you all should try adding radish too, taste really good. 

DC: Wow, you even know how to cook soup?
KNG: Although I don’t make it often, but living alone, don’t I have to do it.

DC: Heard that you haven’t been feeling well lately, exactly where are you unwell? Is it serious?
KNG: Due to filming continuously for 2 years before enlistment, Queen Seon Duk and Bad Guy, my body had seriously overworked, till now it’s still not fully recovered. My body is in bad condition, internal organs and all is in bad state. Now I have to visit the hospital a lot, continue taking medicines.
DC: Have you been eating well?
KNG: Yes, but the body is giving me a lot of problems, I feel very tired easily. If not because you all are coming today, I would have stayed at home to rest.
DC: T__T
KNG: If it’s in this way, arranged meeting with the manager, knowing before hand, its fine… But there are still many people who came on their own to see me, in fact, it’s really hard on me… When there are fans that came to visit while I’m not working, colleagues will call to ask what to do, in the past even if I’m feeling unwell, I’ll still rush down immediately. It’s fine when I’m feeling okay, but when I’m not it’s really exhausting… 
DC: T__T
KNG: I’m not in good condition during last year’s fan meeting as well, the fan meeting that everyone looked forward to this year, but didn’t manage to open because of my health, I feel very apologetic to everyone. 
DC: Health comes first!
KNG: You all came so well prepared, yet unable to take photos because of my health…
DC: It’s fine!
Manager: Will take some photos and send to all of you when he’s feeling better.
KNG: Hopefully everyone will try to cut down on the frequency of visiting, will let fans from overseas know about it at a later time.
DC: Oh that way
KNG: I’ll leave a message at the cafe when I’m feeling better.

So until now, he goes to hospital regularly to check his health status. I am more relieved now though that the two years he have for military service is very timely. I was able to watch the video of him during his fan meeting last year, and was surprised that the level of enthusiasm he have towards his fans was full of double effort at his side. This two-year hiatus from showbiz is indeed an ample time for him to rest. We fans are here to support you Appa! Yes, I also agree with Bellva, to inform fans from restraining to visit him because it will just add pressure for him ( I mean, he cant refuse to attend to his visitors at the same time ). Hope he'll recover soon.~Lyra


  1. love these pages, very interesting interview, -- following you attentively, [keep up the good work, KNG-PH!],counting the days until our dear KNG returns...-- and what is really interesting is that he is still learning and constantly improving and 'polishing' himself, lol... I also hope that he takes care of himself properly...
    --from 'janejill'

  2. DC: Of all the characters you played that died in the show, which do your heart still ache over when thought of?
    a) Lovers Vanished
    b) Queen Seon Duk
    c) Portrait of a Beauty
    d) Bad Guy
    e) Be Strong Geum Soon

    answer : B


    I love the theme of this blog. Black. Black is BIDAM. BIDAM is Black.

    Best wishes to the creator of this. Love it.

    From : betzy of Seoul, South Korea

  3. thank you to the person posting this interview. . . im happy to be able to know to keep me updated on him as a fan. yeah, i also like the theme of this blog. BLACK. i like black. i like the drama Bad Guy and the character BIDAM- it's like that sort. Best wishes to nam gil oppa, the angel Adjusshi...

  4. Why does his characters die most of the time?

    It is really heart-breaking!!!

    1. That's true, it is heart breaking. Even in the 'Deserving the name' drama. He almost dies for several times. Luckily, with out actually dying, he goes back and forth to Joseon and to Seoul.

      Why everyone want this character to die at the end? Is it to show us the painful really of the life?