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News Update: Kim Nam Gil on Bike [Latest Photos]

These are photos taken by Dispatch during an unexpected encounter with Kim Nam Gil during his ride home from the Registry Division in Gangnam-mu.

"Even if Kim Nam Gil is currently serving the military as public service personnel, he still a gorgeous man. Modest fashion stays even if he is out in the limelight."

Two weeks ago, Dispatch have a coverage near District Office when they noticed in the alley a tall man with tan skin, sharp eyes and features. Later on they recognized that it was Bidam, Kim Nam Gil.

Kim Nam Gil seem to return home from work. Similar to his co-workers, Kim Nam Gil use bike as for his means of transportation. It was so unlike for the Star-boyish appearance.

Kim Nam Gil rode on a blue bike through the main street of Gangnam-mu but took a quick stop in a convenience store for a drink.

Seems like he is enjoying his simple life for now!

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