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News Update: Kim Nam Gil to Attend UAM Launching

Actor Kim Nam Gil who is currently serving as public service personnel will make a public appearance on June  24.Yey!!
Star J Management, YG, SM and JYP Agencies who are managing pools of hallyu star recently issued a press release to establish an Asian-based agency, UAM, a global center for hallyu stars in Asia. The launching event will be held on the 24th of July with Kim Nam Gil as one of the expected guests.
UAM Officials said that they made a phone call to millitary officials for approval of KNG's appearance, that will help to generate revenue for the said agency.
Kim Nam Gil have been enlisted in the millitary since July 2010 and will complete his service until July 12, 2012.
translation by Lyra [ Please give full credit to KNGPH when reposting]