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[Trivia] Why Kim Nam Gil accepted the role of Bidam

“Because I liked the name — Bidaaam!”

Says Kim Nam Gil, when asked by MC Kang Hodong's Knee Guru (Golden Fishery) on July 14, 2010--a day before he was enlisted for the military.*

Chilsuk character was offered to him first but he opted the role of Bidam instead. Can you imagine him as chilsuk then if he did not consider Bidam ? ^_^

And to add spice on his character,  he read Kang Baek-ho's SLAM DUNK and VAGABOND while reading on Seon Deok script."On top of those characters, I also added the character from “Yul Hyol Kang-ho” to create my own character. Since Bi-dam is a mix of characters from comic books, he is the most unrealistic and a character most unlikely to appear in a historical drama but I think some people actually enjoy it because it’s refreshing." He explained in 10Asia interview.

*thanks otayamin for the info ^^