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princess' wish list: KNG

Apparently, Kim Tae-Hee wants KNG to be her teacher.

From the fourteenth episode of korean drama "My Princess", the princess (played by Kim Tae-Hee) makes a list of the teachers she wants...
Apple's CEO Steve Jobs - finance teacher
Joe Odagiri - Japanese teacher
John Park - English teacher
 Rain - choreographer
B2st - vocal teachers
SHINee - art teachers
Kim Nam Gil - horseback riding teacher

...horseback riding teacher eh? Well, who wouldn't wanna be close to KNG on those moments when you can act really scared of something and just try and get yourself into the safe arms of ~... (sigh)
It's a good idea.


  1. You are evil!!!Why do you want him only for you?Share him with us(I mean with me,even I'm married ...)! :-)

  2. Didn't he fall of the horse in QSD? Well..then we would nurse him, woudn't we?