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[Literary] Poem for our footless bird

In 2009, Kim Nam Gil posted in his cyworld account this short poetic verse:

There is a footless bird in the world.
The bird flies about…get tired then always have a rest in the wind.
He settles down on the ground just once in his whole life.
That’s when he dies.

He is indeed a lyricist guy, because in his book entitled, Into The Wild, Kim Nam Gil have these interesting prologues presented thru poems:


Going unnoticed, water vapors covered the window rear.
Since when did it start flowing down silently.
The window froze, the ground soaked, even the wind was moist.
The whole world was wet after the rain.

People asked what is my name.
Even though I have said it loudly many times
yet all the time, like it was the first, my name was asked.
Indistinct face, even the name is forgotten.

Facing the sky, calling out my own name countless times.
That rumbling sound dispersed, once again forming rain, dripping down.
That is already a story from long ago.

There is a doll with two heads.
Though there is only one heart, the doll has two faces.
Only one body, but two faces
living is twice as strenuous.

But the doll is very happy.
Because it can use two different faces
living a life different from all others.

The teenager placed a notebook by his pillow.
Because he came down with an illness
an illness that has to be remembered no matter what.

87 thousand 6 hundred hours of records
his sorrowful notebook.
Never once had he shown anybody records of his innermost thoughts.

Now he very carefully opens up the notebook.
People start reading his notebook.
It includes both the story of the rain and the doll, the old and worn notebook.


Last year, I made this poem as answer to his posted verse in cyworld. To date, Kim Nam Gil fans are going global.  With the hit making drama Queen Seon Deok , (that finished off last 2009), Kim Nam Gil popularity is up overseas. Aside from China and Japan, fanpages from Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, Dubai, Hungary, Romania and Thailand were created. I am glad that despite the language barriers we have, we were still able to communicate to each other--thanks to Kim Nam Gil!

If you’re indeed a footless bird,
Then you just soared far
From the shores of your homeland,
To the land of the Rising Sun;
To the homage of Chinese people;
To the dynamic Lion City;
To the Pearl of the Orient Sea;
To the Land of the Free;
To the Unified islands in the South East;
To the Eurosian country of the Turks.
To the land of the dark green.

Do not fret, our true eyes..
For you won’t be forgotten
We will wait until you return
We will cherish and relive your works while you’re gone
Your sons and daughters will here to stay
We’ll be waiting, until you wave to us smiling, saying..

“I am back again”

KNGPHilippines Administrator

credits to : KNG LJ COMMUNITY for the prologue translations.

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