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[News]Bad Guy’s OST ranked No. 2 on Amazon in Japan

Bad Guy‘s OST is currently hot in Japan.
Bad Guy is a drama that created a big issue in Korea by starring Han Ga In and Kim Nam Gil.
The OST is ranked No. 2 on Amazon, which is the biggest music website in Japan, for soundtrack section, and is also in the upper ranks in other music sites such as Tsutaya and HMV. Bad Guy‘s OST was once sold out as the first episode was aired on NHK, but albums were additionally produced after that and no more shortages happened.

This drama went off the air on September 15 and will be aired again dubbed in Japanese from the 7th of this month.
The company produced Bad Guy said, “the drama was scheduled in prime time on NHK with a title of ‘Red and Black.’ OST was sold out immediately after the first episode was aired so we had to produce more. We are also expecting additionally demands in the future.”
Bad Guy was directed by a popular director, Lee Hyung Min, who also directed Sorry, I Love You and Queen of Snow.

 TV Report via en.korea