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[News] Kim Nam Gil's Star Book has been published

Wow ! This is another gem for Kim Nam Gil fans out there ! My Ebook Land releases online store for Kim Nam Gil's  E-book entitled 爱,不可以吗?  which can be translated to "I can't love you".

The book was written by Nan Ji Xing, a Singapore-based writer and magazine editor. With a total of  70 pages, this book contains insights of a fan about Kim Nam Gil.

On her author's note she said:

Kim Nam Gil for me is elusive. I think I will not go near him.Touch him..because the real world of Kim Nam Gil and I have no intersection,
Only in the spiritual world of similar minds.

You need to register here first before purchasing.

Every book you buy will able to help Angel's Love. Each book
will be donated to the Angel's Love (equivalent to SGD8.80 )care plan . Now love has long been an angel to help raise two children, one from Africa, the Republic of Sierra Leone
and one from Khotan in Xinjiang, China.

You can place your order here  . Free shipping when you are residing in China and Taiwan.

Source: Baidu China