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[News] On Kim Nam Gil's role as Bidam

There's an article in Sports News regarding the comparison of Ojakyo Brothers main lead casts and actor Kim Nam Gil. Here's a short summary:

Based on past drama broadcasts, supporting role characters may maitain and existing plot but can sometimes add level of character.However, new additions of characters can become protagonist in the drama or can even change the plot and story itself.
In 2009, MBC Drama broadcast Queen Seon Deok, starring Lee Yo Won (Deokman), Kho Hyun Jung (Mishil) and Uhm Tae Wong (Kim Yusin).
However, the role Bidam portrayed by Kim Nam Gil turned the drama into a new hit. Bidam had become the main character that lead the remaining part of the story.
After the death of Lady Mishil, tension for the fall of Bidam were kept all the way through. 
Kim Nam Gil in Queen Seon Deok was merely the "Joker" but he pulled off the character successfully .

I was delighted to see this article in True Eyes, because Korea is not forgetting Appa at all! It was good to know that the present drama and budding actors are being referenced to Kim Nam Gil's epic role as Bidam.

Time flies, less than 250 days more to go and we gotta see what  Kim Nam Gil 's next role will be. ^^ ~