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[Photo News] Kim Nam Gil Visits BLS Clinic

In nov.24, BLS Clinic official website posted a big notice :
안녕 하세요. BLS 클리닉 입니다. ^ ^ 오늘 영화 배우 김남길 씨께서 오셨 습니다. 실제로 보 니키 도크 시고 멋지 시고!! r ! 군생활 잘 마치 시고 좋은일 만 있길 바라겠 습니다. 감사 합니다.
Hello, everyone, today film actor Kim Nam Gil took a short visit here in the BLS Clinic.He really look tall and handsome!
I wish him a successful conclusion of military life.
Thank you

This photo was his autograph given to one of the resident doctors. Lucky ! ^^
Autograph for one of the resident doctor

Cellphone Case of the CEO ^^


Here is the official http://www.blsclinic.com/ of BLS , a dermatology clinic catering to high profile celebrities and public figures. KNG visited the clinic before with previous photos taken. Today, photos are not allowed since KNG is still working for the military.

Previous photos :

source: Baidu China ♥