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[News ✮ 2012] 2012 Korean Stars discharges and comebacks

There are several stars who are being discharged from National Service this year.
Lee Joon-ki is first. He is going to be completing his duties at the National Public Relations and is being discharged on the 16th. He will start working in Korea as soon as he is out.
There is going to be a fan meeting in Seoul Samg Myeong Art Hall on the day of his discharge and he is going to release his new single "Deucer" in Japan next month. Another fan meeting titled, "Coming BackLee Joon-ki" will be held in Japan.
Lee Dong-geon, who is being discharged on the 28th of March hinted active movement by signing a new contract with another entertainment company while he was on National Duty. He should start working as soon as there is something right.

Coming out next is Kim Nam-gil. Currently on public service duty, Kim Nam-gil will be discharged in July. It seems that he has been getting continuous love calls although he has 5 more months to go. He is currently looking through the offers with time to spare.

Kang Dong-won will be returning to the arms of fans in August. As little as he was exposed during his military service period, the fans can't wait to see him. Apparently, he is quite happy with the amount of offers he's been getting so far. It is likely that he will be coming back with a movie and not a drama.
Singer Park Hyo-sin is coming out in September. He is well known for his last single "This Is the Way I Live" that was made before he went off for National Service. Writer Yeo Hyeon-jeon from MBC "I Am A Singer" mentioned once that, "I am waiting for the day Park Hyo-sin appears on this program like he said he would".

In December is actor Hyeon Bin. He voluntarily joined the Marines in March last year. Several commercials and advertisements were shown even after he was gone and he was continuously exposed during his military life. He is one of the most looked-forward-to stars once he is discharged.
Other than that are actors Kim Ji-seok-I, Lee Wan brother to Kim Tae-hee, Kim Ji-hoon-I, Kang Infrom Super Junior, Mithra Jin from Epic High and more are known to be released this year.
Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )

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