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[News ✮ 2012] Kim Nam Gil 김남길 'Go Show' Appearance : "It's too early to decide"

Kim Nam Gil's agency confirmed that it's too early for a decision for his appearance at SBS Go Show hosted by Ko Hyun Jung

"Whether he will appear on the show or not is premature", his representative said.

Kim Nam Gil 's agency Star J Entertentainment clarified earlier reports of a confirmed guesting appearance in Go Show. In a phone call made by Star News, "There are no specific plans about his comeback yet after his discharge in July", officials said.

Earlier in the day, it was convened by a media release that Kim Nam Gil was confirmed to appear in the show.

In this regard, officials said "Mr.Kim Nam Gil and Miss Ko Hyun Jung had worked before and become good friends and there's a discussion about the possibility of his appearance in the show. However, there are no final decisions yet.

Kim Nam Gil and Ko Hyung Jung become good friends after working together in the 2009 MBC Drama Queen Seon Deok. Kim Nam Gil has risen to stardom from his role as Bidam. His chemistry with Ko Hyung Jung as his mother in the drama was eminent.

Meanwhile, Kim Nam Gil was enlisted in July of 2010 at Nonsan Army boot camp to serve the military for two years. He is currently working as a public service personnel in Gangnam-gu, Seol and will be discharged on July 14 this year.

source : star news 
translated by @lyrayoo