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[News ✮ 2012] Awaiting discharge on the 14th, Kim Nam Gil said: "I am nervous how to meet my fans"


"I am nervous for the day of my release", discharging from military actor Kim Nam Gil is earnestly planning to reunite with fans.

Star J Entertainment said "July 14 is his military discharge from pulbic service duty. His next fan meeting will be decided, also including plans for pictorials/shooting overseas. However, he is worrying how to greet fans on the discharge day."

Enlisted last July 2010, Kim Nam Gil is serving as public service personnel at Management Service in Gangnam-gu , Seoul and shall be discharged on the 14.

On the other hand, Kim Nam Gil received numerous proposal projects for movies and TV Shows which are expected at the second half of 2012.

In addition, SBS drama "Bad Guy" is scheduled  for re-broadcast in NHK Japan this fall, with plans for Kim Nam Gil's participation for the promotion activities in Japan.

Source: Nate
Verbatim Translation by KNG Story


  1. Kim Nam Gil needs not to be nervous, he is charming!

  2. Thx for the timely news!!!!!
    Zoya from KNG FC HUN

  3. I love you, 몇 마디 gy.