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[News ✮ 2012] Kim Nam Gil to guest at Go Hyun Jung's SBS 'Go Show'

Kim Nam Gil's appearance in Go Show is now confirmed and being discussed, the exact date of appearance to be finalized upon Nam Gil's discharge in July.

In the telephone conversation by Star In to Kim Nam Gil's official agency, "SBS 'Go Show' appearance is under discussion". However, the Go Show production still have to wait when is the guesting date.

Kim Nam Gil participation for Go Show is said to be because of his friendship with actress Go Hyun Jung, his co-star in the successfully acclaimed saguek drama Queen Seon Deok.

Agency officials are yet to schedule right after Kim Nam Gil discharge from military service in July 14, 2012. TV drama and movie projects are still to be finalized after his return.

Kim Nam Gil is currently serving as public service personnel at Gangnam-gu.

Source: Nate
Translated by KNGStory
Disclaimer: The above article is verbatim translated. Please consider reading it with a grain of salt :D