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[Update] Kim Nam Gil opens his Facebook account, takes vacation in New Zealand

Hours earlier,  netizens flock the number one social network Facebook after learning that actor Kim Nam Gil created his personal fan page 김남길(Kim Nam Gil) .

Photo: Translated Description of @김남길(Kim Nam Gi) "About"

by kngph

On Wednesday, he uploaded the following photos telling his experiences while he's in New Zealand. He arrived last July 23 (per Hiromi blog) :

지구라는 행성에 사는 동안, 자연으로부터 참 많은 선물을 받아왔다.
While living on planet Earth,we have received so many gifts from nature.
바로 지금, 내가 몸 담고 있는 이 해변에서도 그렇지.
Just now, my body is so into this beach.
차가운 바다들 바라보며 모래사장에 놓여진 (결코 인간이 만든 것이 아닌!!!)
My body is soaked on a sandy beach while overlooking the cold sea.(Definitely it is not man-made!!!)
온천에 몸담고 있다니.
Body soaked in a hot spring.
이곳시간 오후 6시 hot water beach, New Zealand
At 18:00 hours/local time, hot water beach New Zealand (He's still used to military time :D )

뉴질랜드로 날아온지 사흘째 되는 오늘.
Today is my third day visit in New Zealand.
마우리족들의 환대를 받았어요. 남자건 여자건 이 사람들, 너무 귀여워요. 친절한 건 말할 것도 없구. 고마워요
Mauri People are hospitable. Man, woman--these people , they are so lovable. Not to mention how friendly they are. Thank you.

너무 귀여운...
(The sheep) is so cute...
우유 한병을 순식간에 다 먹어치웠다.
He drinks the bottle of milk in a matter of seconds.
아아아, 지금 생각나는 이름 딱 하나.
Ahhhh, right now only one name comes into mind.
우리 탐탐, 보고싶은 녀석...
Our TamTam, I miss him...
잘 있지?
Is he alright?

이번 뉴질랜드 여행을 함께 한 사람들.
Now in a New Zealand trip with people.
오래 된 사람들. 재밌는 사람들. 좋은 사람들.
Old people. Exciting people. Good people.

뉴질랜드에 오면 꼭 들러야 할 곳이 몇 곳 있대요.
When you come to New Zealand, make sure to make a stop at these few places.
이곳도 그 중의 하나
Here's one of them.
좀더 친절하게 설명하자면 Te Puia의 간헐천이죠
To be more specific, this is Te Puia's geysers.
마치 무대 위의 드라이아이스 같은 증기, 유황과 바람의 향기
It looks like a stafe of dry ice with steam evaporating on it, with the smell of sulfur in the wind.
아쉬운대로 사진 하나 올려봅니다. ^^
I uploaded one photo ^^

Non-verbatim translation by @KimNamGilStory


  1. you are such a great person. in and out of the camera. such a very good actor. Your movie Pirates is a sure hit! im so excited about it. God bless you more my bidam...

  2. oh my god, he is a really damn good actor! he's care about humanity and became volunteer like his interview. and i can't believe he came to indonesia when the earthquake devastated my country. i hope he come back again to Indonesia... i hope he playing in new drama.... do you know his social media account? i admire him...