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[Facebook] Kim Nam Gil Post July 28 , 2012

 퀸즈타운에서 아주아주아주, 매우매우매우, 베리베리베리 유명하다는 Ferg 버거를 사다가 호수 주변에서 먹었어요. 
We bought a very very very very very very very very very famous Fergburger and ate (it) at the lakeside.

명불허전! 맛있더군요. 
Truly it's famous! It's delicious.

제 옆에는 스타일리스트 한욱이형. ^^:
Beside me is my stylist hyong Han Hyuk ^^:

지금 제가 머무는 곳은 뉴질랜드 남섬에서 관광지로 가장 유명한 퀸즈타운.
A famous place to stay in New Zealand Southern Alps is a resort town called Queenstown.

Wakatipu 호수에 보트를 타고 나가 무지개 송어를 낚았어요!!!
I am in the boat heading to Lake Wakatipu to fish for Rainbow Trout! !!

지금 이곳에서 우리집이나 다름없는... 
Here right now, is approximately my house ...
먹고, 자고, 마음 닿는 곳으로 이동하고..
Where you can eat, sleep , move and touch your heart.
캠퍼밴 여행의 즐거움과 만나는 중
Campervan (trailer van) fulfill the pleasure of travelling
아참, 지금 이곳은 마운트 쿡을 향해 가는 중
oh by the way, now we are here going towards to Mountain Cook

*note, Mountain Cook is located at the southern alps

뉴질랜드 나흘째. 
Fourth day in New Zealand
지금 이곳은 로토루아 공항.
We are here now at Rotorua Airport.
(비교적 따뜻한) 북섬에서 (비교적 추운) 남섬으로 떠납니다
We are leaving from North Island (Relatively warm going to ) South Island (relatively cold) 
I'll be back! See ya!

매주 토요일 오전 시작되는 퀸즈타운의 플리마켓을 둘러봤어요
We explored Queenstown's Flea market which sets up every Saturday morning
핸드메이드 향초, 동전으로 만든 반지와 목걸이, 잘 생긴 청년 화가가 직접 그린 그림....
Handmade candles, coins, rings and necklaces were beautifully handpainted.
볼거리가 정말 많았어요
There were a lot of things to see.
아쉽게도 저는 아무 것도 사지 못했지만 ^^:
Unfortunately, I did not buy anything ^^

이곳에 와서 처음 만난 호수, Lake Tekapo에서 조남룡 선생님과...
We went to see the lake, Lake Tekapo with master (photographer) 조남룡...
에머랄드 빛으로 가득한 이곳을 멍한히 바라보다보면 누구라도 선한 마음을 품게 될 것 같다
Overlooking the place which is full of emerald light, seems to be like a person who has good state of mind/heart
언젠가 이 순간이 그리워지겠지...
I will going to miss this moment someday...

*Mr.Jo Nam Ryong is a well known fashion photographer in Korea :D . He also worked with actress Lee Yo Won in 2011 when she visited Vietnam for Arirang's Love (charity program)

translation by @kimnamgilstory / KNGPH

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