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[Facebook] 9.23.12 Kim Nam Gil hangs out in California

Taking a nap At teddy's home in daytime. I usually like photos of me sleeping to be taken and uploaded. What are you doing in a sofa ..ㅋㅋ (Laughs) I am sleeping..What are you dreaming..The dream..Dream on..Sweet Dreams..
낮에 teddy 집에서 내가 저렇게 곧잘 자곤한다며 사진을 찍어줬다 나보고
Sofa랑 뭐하냐며...ㅋㅋ 난 자면서 무슨 꿈을 꾼걸까...그 꿈..꿈에서라도

In the US, Im [totally] knocked down [means both were tired they went to sleep] with my little nephew Woo[not sure of the nickname] ~ hehe
A dream same with my uncle...are you dreaming??? ㅋㅋㅋ
[cute,, as if they are having conversation]
Have a nice dream...
미국에 있는, 심하게 우량아인 조카 쪼이~ㅎㅎ
삼촌이랑 같은 꿈..꾸고 있는거니??? ㅋㅋㅋ
좋은 꿈 꾸렴...

translation non verbatim by @kimnamgilstory 

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