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[Interview 2012] 김남길 Kim Nam Gil : 'This Is My First And Last Production, I Will Have To Focus In Acting'

Actor Kim Nam-gil has embarked on the path of a director to communicate with the audiences.
Kim Nam-gil, who has directed the documentary music movie ‘Ensemble’, has visited the 17th PIFF, the first official promotion after his discharge from the military. He has revealed his reasons behind the directing, the process of producing the movie, and his future plans in an interview conducted in the Busan’s Haeundae Hanhwa Resort on 5th.

“I was very nervous, but I was also full of anticipation in stepping on the red carpet of PIFF after 2 years. I was happy in that I had a place to return to. I am honored to meet you in PIFF with my first directing role in a movie.”

‘Ensemble’ is a story of the next-generation classical musicians, and is a documentary music film depicting their struggles to establish a bond with the public through music, and their practical dilemmas, being solved by the music they create. He has been motivated to produce the movie by the healing concert, hosted in an hospital by the classical musicians.

“When I listened to their music, it seemed as if it was a movie. Like how actors rely on the chemistry between their roles in their acting, the musicians also have that kind of bond. I met the musicians and talked to them, and they told me that they ‘want a bond with the public’. I decided to make this movie after being reminded of myself in the past, and to let the public know that there are such talented musicians among us”.

Classical music film is admittedly rather unexpected of him. Kim Nam-gil loves music, but is not knowledgeable in classical music. His choice of classical music, however, was to break that prejudices and notions held by the public. His directing the movie was his first as well. He clarified, “I only made suggestions about the movie as a producer, and I didn’t really interfere with the backstage. That was the director’s role. I think this is my first and last attempt in producing a movie”.

“I wanted to break those stereotypes and prejudices, by appealing that classical music is ‘not difficult’. I wish to make some opportunities for new initiatives from the young classical musicians. I don’t know classical music so well, but I could understand the musicians after listening their stories. I think the audiences will feel the same way with me”.

Kim Nam-gil will return to his original role as an actor soon enough. He will embark on his filming for his latest movie, ‘The Man Who Runs Backwards’, on November.

“I faced a lot of prejudice as a celebrity, since I left for the service at the height of my career. I tried even harder, because of that. And even the time really flew past because I tried so hard. (laughs) Now I think it is the time for me to find myself that I left behind 2 years ago. I think I need to win against my old self 2 years ago. I will try my best to show good acting to you in the coming months.”


  1. The favorite artist Kim Nam Gil! üdv.

    1. i really miss kng so much that i kept watching and watching his queen seon deok drama

  2. Listening to KNG's songs "Can't I Love You", "You Don't Know" bring tears to one's eyes. Miss him. Love him.

  3. in sfarsit a revenit! acum vad "shark"....Kim este primul pe lista actorilor coreeni preferati, dar am mai scria asta...

  4. Dear Kim Nam Gil,do your best.Prove it and show to the world who you really are.regards,missorangewriting.

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