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[News ✮ 2012] 김남길(Kim Nam Gil) at the red carpet ceremony of Busan International Film Festival

Kim Nam Gil marks his first public appearance as he stunningly poses  at the red carpet opening ceremony of the 17th Busan International Film Festival held on October 4, 2012.

He represents his first produced film "Ensemble" which will have its special screening on the 6th. The actor, who was discharged last July 2012 looks elegant with his black tuxedo paired with a sleek black-magenta leather shoes.

Media headlines the 31 year old actor as "Charming Unchanged", "Sweet Eyes", "Killer Smile" , and his very prominent handsome mustache that kinda remind us of his last installment drama SBS Bad Guy.

So glad that he is definitely back in the limelight!


  1. Bakit ang gwapo mo? Hehe

  2. Sexy! The KiNG is really back!

  3. who's that girl beside Kim Nam-Gil? does he have a girlfriend now? :(

  4. eh,my gf n xa?d ko matangGap!xexe.iluv him!

  5. my number one favorite actor.regards,missorangewriting

  6. She's not her girlfriend, leading lady nya noon yan nung sa movie nya na Portrait of a Beauty..