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[News ✮ 2012] 김남길 Kim Nam Gil attends Yoo Ji Tae's directorial debut

Kim Nam Gil attended his friend's directorial debut, Yoo Ji Tae's Mai Ratima screening at the Lotte Cinema in Busan centum, taking his break from his busy schedule from the Busan  International Film Festival. Together with his agency officials from Star J Entertainment, they came quietly to the CGV Theater.

The meeting of two top notch actors , Ensemble producer Kim Nam Gil and film director Yoo Ji Tae at the CGV surprised and delighted fans.

However, as planned , Kim Nam Gil is supposed to enter the cinema discreetly but with the sharp eyes of fans, he was recognized imediately as he was entering the theater via the parking lot to the escalator, resulting commotion from fans and media.

Wearing a fashion trendy black jacket with jeans, Kim Nam Gil again highlights his casual yet appealing look thanks to his agile and slim image plus his famous mustache .

Despite his red carpet schedule, media interview, Ensemble stage greeting with the audience, he squeezed his time to see his friend's debut directorial movie Mai Ratima which was also one of the films featured at the Busan International Film Festival.

Source : Dispatch
Translation from korean to Chinese : bnkhoo_5jm of KNG Baidu Thread
Translation from Chinese to English [Summary] : @kimnamgilstory / Kimnamgilphilippines
[Please credit https://www.facebook.com/KimNamGilPhilippines , thank you ^^ ~]