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[News ✮ 2012] 김남길(Kim Nam Gil) Interview-Entertainment Weekly- BIFF

[NEWS OCT 6 2012] 김남길 “男배우 군대보내는 고현정, 요즘엔 쇼에 집중하더라”
Kim Nam Gil "Ko Hyun Jung sent him to army, but must focus entirely on the show instead"

Kim Nam Gil affection for Ko Hyun Jung revealed during the October 6 broadcast of Entertainment Weekly held at the 17th Busan International Film Festival.

Kim Nam Gil finally appeared on the public for the first time after his military discharge last July 2012 as a filmaker rather than an actor.

Kim Nam Gil fulfilled his dream as a producer , when asked if he will plans producing in the future, "So far there are no other future plans for producing", he said. "I will stick into acting"

"I am preparing to be in good shape for my comeback movie next year" (referring to Backwards Running Man)

In particular, the so-called "Ko Hyun Jung Jinx" was discussed with Kim Nam Gil. It's been a curious scenario when all men involved with Ko Hyun Jung immediately proceed to military service. For instance, actors Chun Jung Myung, Jo In Sung were enlisted in the army after their drama with Ms. Jung.

Kim Nam Gil responded , "Ko Hyun Jung must become the Military Manpower Administration ambassador. "

"The jinx question is due to intensive Go Show promotion" , he said that drew laughter from the crowd.

source: newsen
translated by Lyra Yoo / kimnamgilstory

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