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[News ✮ 2012] 김남길 Kim Nam Gil realizes why people loves TGIF (People Inside)

배우 김남길이 공익근무 시절 불금의 의미를 알게 됐다고 밝혔다.
Actor Kim Nam Gil learned the meaning of TGIF (Bulgeum) during his military service days.
29일 방송된 tvN '백지연의 피플인사이드'에는 김남길이 출연해 전성기에 찾아온 2년간의 공백기 이야기를 들려줬다.
Kim Nam Gil appeared at the broadcast of tvN People Inside on October 29 and told his story after his absence for two years.
이날 김남길은 "공익근무를 2년 동안 조금 답답하긴 했다. 정시에 출근해야 되니깐 '오늘 일찍 자야된다' 이런 압박감이 있었다"고 솔직하게 털어놨다.

He confessed frankly , "I have pressure during my two year public service. I was restricted , I need to get to work on time, and presumably to go to bed early for the next day work".
이어 "자연스럽게 월요일 병이 생기고 왜 사람들이 불금이라고 하면서 좋아하는지 깨달았다. 금요일 저녁에 친구들과 게임방을 가거나 운동을 했다"고 전했다.
"I realized why people love bulgeum(Friday Night/TGIF) , it means hanging out with your friends, play games or go exercise to the gym and naturally you have this monday sickness the following day", he said.
한편, 서울 강남구 도시관리공단에서 공익근무요원으로 근무한 김남길은 지난 7월 소집해제 했다.
On the other hand, Kim Nam Gil worked as public service personnel at the Gangnamu Management Corporation in Seoul and was discharged from military last July.

Source: XportNews
Non-verbatim translation by (Lyra) KimNamGilPhilippines

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