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[News ✮ 2012] Welcome back 김남길 Kim Nam Gil !(People Inside Interview)

Last night, tvN “People Inside” with Baek Ji Yeon invited Kim Nam Girl on the show. After being released from the the mandatory army duty, Kim Nam Gil ended his service last July after being away from the industry for two long years. The actor was back on his feet with his self-produced film, ‘Ensemble’, and was invited to come to the 8th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival and he also went to the 17th Busan International Film Festival.
“Ensemble” is a fake documentary detailing the stories of the next-generation classical artists in Korea. The film will feature the artists trying to communicate with the masses through their music and the dilemma stemming from the realities with beautiful imagery and moving performances. Kim Nam Gil reportedly decided to take part in the production when he heard about the motive of the film’s story, the Healing Concert in Seoul National University Hospital of Bundang, and the story behind the individual artists, by chance. Kim Nam Gil has said that, “while I am an actor by profession, I believe that taking part in movie production as a producer and observing the production environments will be a great help in my development as an actor.” The developers have commented that “in the movie, we have tried to capture the emotions and the sense of realism by using seven different cameras to capture the artists’ expression, music, and performances.”

During the interview talk with Baek Ji Yeon’s tvN “People Inside”, he mentioned that he was afraid on how he could make a comeback after starring in a drama as a ‘bad guy’.  His last drama before he served in the army was SBS “Bad Guy”, in which he wanted to leave a mark before he went away on his service to his country. Now, having to come back to the industry again, while talking about the hottest movie in South Korea right now, Lee Byung Hun’s Masquerade (also known as “Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King”), Kim Nam Gil confessed that he was so jealous with how well his seniors(Lee Byung Hun and Jung Jae Young) was doing in the movie.  ”I can’t believe how well he does in the movie… how could he act so well like that?”. The “Masquerade” movie has recently passed its 7 million viewers mark and has stayed 3 weeks in a row at the box office; making it the #1 hit movie in Korea right now.
There’s no news yet as to when he’ll star in another TV-drama. Let’s hope that he’ll decide soon! :-) Welcome back, Kim Nam Gil!
-source : jazzholic

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