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[News ✮ 2012] 김남길(Kim Nam Gil) キム・ナムギル Donates Rice to Help Disabled Children

Actor Kim Nam Gil has donated one ton of rice to a facility for disabled children called “Raphael’s House” located in Jongro District, Seoul on Dec. 17th.

According to Nanum Store, “Raphael’s House” is a facility that houses around 20 disabled children and specialized teachers who oversea their rehabilitation and educational training. Kim visited the center in 2009 to share his love with the children there.

The one ton of rice that was delivered to the facility was provided by Kim’s fans during his fan meeting held on Dec. 16th. The rice donation event during the fan meeting was led by Nanum store which also donates 70% of the proceeds.

Meanwhile, Kim Nam Gil will be starring in the film “The Man Who Runs Backwards” which stars filming next March. [Yonhap] via okpop

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