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[News ✮ 2012] 김남길(Kim Nam Gil) キム・ナムギル "I was surprised about the scandal rumors. I only want to cheer my juniors"

"The scandal? I was surprised, haha."

Actor Kim Nam Gil burst in laughter after the news of him and Jang Nara are dating surfaced.

It was known from earlier news that Kim Nam Gil sent a truck of meals for the staff of KBS2 drama School 2013. On a phone interview with the actor, he clarified that he has close friendship with Jang Nara and Choi Daniel, who are the main leads of the said drama.

"They are filming under a very cold weather, and as a senior I want to cheer them up even if by little means", he explained.

Recently, an article hit the internet media, claiming that Kim Nam Gil, actor well-known for his role in Queen Seon Duk, and Jang Nara, actress who was extremely popular during the early 2000′s, were in a relationship. Kim’s representatives replied to their questioners that the news contained deductive fallacies, where the reporters thought Jang received a gift because she and Kim were dating. It was later revealed that Daniel Choi also received the same gift, debunking the reporters theory of the two going out.

However, it was revealed that the two had a friendship but it did not extend upon a relationship, and the two were surprised when various news outlets reported the two were dating.

Sources: 24-k , Sportseoul
Additional Translation : KimNamGilStory/KNGPhilippines

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