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[News ✮ 2013] キム・ナムギル Kim Nam Gil 김남길 will hold Olympus Ensemble Concert in Japan

Actor Kim Nam Gil will hold "Kim Nam Gil Presents OLYMPUS ENSEMBLE "Classic Concert in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya in July.

Kim Nam Gil's The 1st Japan tour  held in January this year was a great success. While the classical musicians of "OLYMPUS ENSEMBLE" appeared in the "Ensemble" movie on which was produced by him, has become a hot topic in Korea.

Kim Namugiru appeared in concert wants to introduce his fans to the world of classical music. The "Ensemble" movie is a movie-themed documentary of sharing and communication between the performer as well as  the communication of the masses and the performer, breaking the prejudice for classical music as difficult.

Due to the popularization of classical music for everyone Music Videos depicting everyday activities and performances, such as OLYMPUS ENSEMBLE, their candid stories, Kim Nam Gil has been involved in the production.

The OLYMPUS ENSEMBLE consist of seven next generation  musicians from Korea with a young spirit , active in the world stage.


  1. hello there ! by chance do you know when exactly this concert will be held? This July I am visiting Korea, but I would ove also see him, seeing that he is my favorite koream actor...

  2. Oh congratulations..his fans from japan are so lucky...i hope he is also planning to have one here in the philippines...