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[News ✮ 2013] キム・ナムギル Kim Nam Gil 김남길 "My biggest rival is Kim Nam-Gil of ‘Bad Guy’"

Actor Kim Nam-Gil revealed why he chose ‘Shark’ as his first work after being discharged from public service.

On May 21, there was the production conference of drama ‘Shark’ at Seoul Gangnam Convention Diamant. At the event, Son Ye-Jin, Kim Nam-Gil, Ha Seok-Jin, Lee Ha-Nui, Nam Bo-Ra, Lee Soo-Hyeok, Lee Jeong-Gil and etc. This day, Kim Nam-Gil said, “I’m nervous since it is my first work after being discharged from public service work. I think actors are making a good harmony. I’m grateful to be with good colleagues. Look forward to our good team work.”

Kim Nam-Gil said “I like romantic comedy as well, and I am confident that I can work with it. But I’m attracted to a character with pain from ‘Queen Seon-Deok’ and ‘Bad Guy’. I feel like I’m healed while acting pain. I think I get to heal myself by knowing the pain of other people. I came back after 3 years of gap. I think my biggest rival is Kim Nam-Gil of ‘Bad Guy’. I think it is my biggest assignment to get over former me.”

Meanwhile, ‘Shark’ is a dreadful destiny and love of a man aiming knife toward his lover for revenge and a woman in pain because of her first love. It will be broadcasted for the first time from May 27. (Innolife)

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