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[ Shark 상어] More posters and where to watch Shark 상어

The most anticipated comeback drama 상어Shark/Don't Look Back of Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin will be broadcasted at 21:55 (local time in Korea) on May 27th, this coming Monday! Wooot!
Let's watch it together, alright? Here's how to watch it in KBS via live streaming!

1. Access this website using “Internet Explorer”.http://img.kbs.co.kr/live_player/high/popup/popup.html 

2: The pop-up window asks you whether “to save to disk” or “to download and install”, so chose “to download and install”. Click the left “R(Run)” button.

3: Then pop-up window asks you to run, install, accept and finish installing. Just follow the instructions as shown.

4. Access the site again. It might take 20 or 30 seconds.http://img.kbs.co.kr/live_player/high/popup/popup.html
5. Scroll down to see the link of “KBS2″ and click.Now, you're ready to welcome back Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin on your small screens.

Will look for other livestream links and update this message from time to time!

asti_g_mei of soompi.com forum 
reposted by Shark 상어

If it doesn't work on your pc, you can try these. Go tohttp://rispana2.blogspot.jp/2012/11/kbs-channel.html
and follow the instructions.

Another livestream link http://55556.com/tv/2021/
Please try those links if they'll work on you.

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