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[Shark 상어 Update] Official Photos, Trailers and more snippets from the presscon

Can't believe that after a three year long wait for another follow up drama of Kim Nam Gil, finally, we are counting down to four solid days before the premiere of KBS dorama Shark (Interesting international title is "Don't Look Back" as quoted by news article here .

New poster plus two trailers were released this week. I can say , I can feel the Bad Guy vibes during the first and this trailer, which I was actually right with my gut feeling that KNG wants to overcome his previous role by taking another revenge drama with the similar executions (as mentioned in my Soompi post.)

 “I like romantic comedy as well, and I am confident that I can work with it. But I’m attracted to a character with pain from ‘Queen Seon-Deok’ and ‘Bad Guy’. I feel like I’m healed while acting pain. I think I get to heal myself by knowing the pain of other people. I came back after 3 years of gap. I think my biggest rival is Kim Nam-Gil of ‘Bad Guy’. I think it is my biggest assignment to get over former me.”  He said during the presscon interview held last May 21.

I'm looking forward to this drama , because it's KNG's comeback drama plus how would the writer excite me with each episode until the end. It's noted that this is the third revenge installment of Kim Ji Woo from his highly acclaimed Resurrection and Devil .

And who could miss out the budding chemistry of Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin. Photos would say they look good together!

Shark will premiere on May 27 .

[20130522][Shark 상어] Trailer 5 min. by dm_5150551324203

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