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[Shark Update] Teasers, Poster Shoot, and more Behind the Scenes

Okay, before anything else. Lemme devour on this one. .

Finally.  Kim Nam Gil's upcoming drama is shedding some more light as it will kick off its pilot episode on the 27th. Some bits of info and photos and videos are popping out, thanks to gratuity of those netizens who have access on the limited edition e-cards which were release to only a thousand of Korean mobile users.

This week tho, KBS released two teasers which only made me more holding on to my seat. My patience is burning out, really. 

Today, May 11, Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin made a quick stop in Japan for the press conference (which I am not surprised since part of the plot includes Japanese lineage of Yi-Soo, Kim Nam Gil's character). KBS also released the behind the scenes for the poster filming via Entertainment Weekly. (No subs yet , but you can watch it here )

Shark is the third sequel of the revenge duo : Director Park Chan Hong and Writer-nim Kim Ji Woo.

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  1. Yess! Marked 27 May on my calendar ^^ can't wait~~