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[ Shark 상어] Recap Episode 2: "Shark" Reason Why Kim Nam Gil Becomes Obsessive Over Getting Revenge

(Photo : KBS) "Shark" Reason Why Kim Nam Gil Becomes Obsessive Over Getting Revenge
"Shark" What made Kim Nam Gil burn with rage to get revenge?
May 28, the 2nd episode of the brand new KBS drama "Shark" featured Han Yi Soo's (Yeon Joon Suk/Kim Nam Gil) father Han Young Man (Jung In Gi) getting brutally killed.
Jo Ui Sun (Kim Kyu Cheol), the CEO of the Gaya Hotel Group decides to drive while he is intoxicated and runs over a person. He hesitates and drops his watch at the scene of the accident. When the investigators find this, they make a visit to the chairman, Jo Sang Deuk (Lee Jeong Kil). Jo Sang Deuk promises the investigators that he will give them an opportunity to get ahead in their career. Then, he offers his driver Han Young Man a deal.
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Jo Sang Deuk says, "It would be a smart choice to accept my offer. Think of Yi Soo and Yi Hyun." Han Young Man thinks of his children and agrees to take the blame for the hit-and-run accident. However, Han Yi Soo had witnessed Jo Ui Sun running into the house in panic on the night of the accident. He was also sure that his father is not guilty.
Han Yi Soo asks his father, "Why are you trying to take the blame for something you didn't do?" Han Young Man tells Jo Sang Deuk, "I don't think I will be able to do something that I can't be proud of" and tried to break his promise. Jo Sang Deuk becomes angry and orders Han Young Man to be killed.
When Han Yi Soo discovers that his father had been killed, he becomes overcome with anger and sadness. Han Yi Soo is sure that Jo Ui Sun is responsible for his father's death. Right then, a 7-year-old child who witnessed the accident appears, who is taken to the police right away. However, the only response Han Yi Soo gets is disrespect and a slap in the face.
As a result, Han Yi Soo decides to go to law school. He tells Jo Hae Woo (Kyung Soo Jin/Son Ye Jin), "I'm going to law school to become a prosecutor. Then I'm going to catch the person who killed my father and prove that my father is innocent. (Kdramastars)

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