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[Videos] キム・ナムギル Kim Nam Gil 김남길 clips from his first Japan tour with Red and Black

This is amazing, some of Kim Nam Gil's videos were reuploaded in YT highlighting his First Japan Tour with Red and Black last year. It was thorough success with the upcoming follow of Ensemble tour in Japan this year, and his first debut album to be released in July with the title song "Roman".

I would say KNG's vocals and singing prowess improved a lot since 2010. He had mastered his pitch and melody , as a proof of the following videos. He didn't waste his two years of non-showbiz career indeed by enhancing his potential in singing.

He was also chosen to participate in Yawang / Queen of Ambition 's OST. This only proves how an actor can be more effective when he ventures in singing career, because the expressions and emotions are more rad and emphatic.

I hope he will choose to participate in the OST of his current drama, Don't Look Back ! ^^  ~ Lyra

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