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[Fan Account ✮ 2013 ] 김남길 / Kim Nam Gil 's fans sent snacks to Shark production

On July 17, DC Gallery fans went to visit Kim Nam Gil's shooting location for Shark , and flooded him with...food! Snacks and lunch were served plus with other goodies to show support of KNG's current drama. 



Photo of what KNG (?) may have only ate during that time :D

 As KNG's fans tradition (this also happened before when True Eyes went to visit him during military service and loaded him with 30 questions), DC gallers did not let go of the event without KNG having the Q & A, 33 questions all in all!

fans : What part of your body you think you are confident at? KNG : my butt......babo (you bunch of fools) . My eyes of course . ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

fans: What are you listening nowadays? KNG : Ruruoni Kenshin OST.
fans : Can you at least sing us a song then? KNG : Shut up. (Jokingly) 

PD-nim , Son Ye Jin also were given gifts, sweet!

And Doong-soo-yah is very much enjoying the food! ^.^

Source : KNG Baidu Bar. Reposted from DC Gallery


  1. I love it that we have so much in common. I'm listening to Rurouni Kenshin OST as well. But I wonder if it's the anime or the live action movie. Doesn't matter since I listen to both. kekeke