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김남길(Kim Nam Gil) キム・ナムギル Interview : Kim Nam Gil as Yi Soo

An Actor, Conveying Real Feelings through his Acting.

He has such an intense gaze. It earns him his nickname "Homme Fatal" . His face is perfectly suited for any legitimate melodrama. What is the drama Shark to Kim Nam Gil, who plays the role of Han Yi Soo? As part of his revenge, the character Han Yi Soo eventually points a knife at the woman he loves.

The staff at the Incheon site was busy in spite of heavy rainfall, and we found Kim Nam Gil in the mist of the chaos. He was in a simple suit.

Kim Nam Gil greeted me by saying, "I like to talk. I like interviews because it is good to get to know a person you did not know."

He made this editor feel comfortable by starting our talk so freely. Soon we moved on the subject of Shark

Kwave: "Why did you decide to film Shark when there was other offers?"

Kim Nam Gil : "When I choose a film or a drama, much of the choice centers around the characters or the specific scenes I will act in. Shark was the same. I felt anxious over the fact that this is my first comeback drama since I was discharged from military service. I also felt anxious about acting opposite top-actress Son Ye Jin. I am doing my best to fulfill my fan's expectations."

Kwave: "Are you disappoinetd by the ratings so far?"

Kim Nam Gil : "This drama began when a competing drama was approaching its peak. It would be nice if the ratings were to rise in the future, but we would become overly exhausted if we get to caught up in the ratings. The atmosphere at the filming site is as good as any high rated production. Director Park Chan-hong planned Shark 5 years ago, and I, like him, want to bring the audience the final story of 'the last revenge drama".

Kwave: "To be the main actor in a drama is to take on heavy responsibility"

Kim Nam Gil: " I believe a main actor needs the ability to lead the whole drama. The public needs to play a role in the selection of the main actor. I also apply that idea to Shark. A main actor and an actress also need the ability to learn from other actors/actresses in the same drama, and have the ability to work well with the production staff."

Kwave: "Fans want to know what is Kim Nam Gil's true style, when he has a girlfriend and when he is all alone."

Kim Nam Gil: "I would frequently write hand written letters to her, rather than sending her text messages or calling her. When I am alone, I sometimes go to Karaoke and I often sing "Around 30's" by Kim Kwang Seok.  (Here's the video :D )

I could sense true sincerity as Kim Nam Gil spoke. This is probably why he at one point said, "I wish there were more junior actors who make the audience cry from the heart, rather than just actors who are technically great at acting."

The drama Bad Man was broadcasted throughout all regions of Japan as a Japanese NHK drama in the latter part of last year. Kim Nam Gil will have a series of non-stop events with his Japanese fans in July. The Japanese broadcast of Shark just may help him become Japan's next Korean-wave star.

Sharks do not float, so they sink the moment they stop swimming. We hope this actor with his intense gaxe, distinct personality, strong talent and who is considerate of the people around him, with rise to lead the Korean Wave through his intense dedication to the drama Shark.

**Lifted from Kwave interview with photo here provided by Kim Nam Gil DC Gallery .
Transcribed by KNGPhilippines.

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