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[News ✮ 2013 | Shark / Don't Look Back Recap ] Ha Suk Jin Punches 김남길 Kim Nam Gil on the Face

In Shark, episode 17, Oh Joon Young(played by Ha Suk Jin) punched Han Yi Soo(played by Kim Nam Gil) on the face after seeing his wife, Jo Hae Woo(played by Son Ye Jin) coming out from his apartment.

Joon Young grabbed Yi Soo by the collar and said, “How could you use Hae Woo like that? Do you think you’ll be satisfied if you return things you went through to other people? Do you think I’ll forgive you?” Yi Soo replied, “Don’t forgive me.”
Joon Young got even more mad and punched him again. He said, “In the past, Han Yi Soo used to shine even in the dark, but now you’re just dark.”

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