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[News ✮ 2013 | Shark / Don't Look Back Recap ] 김남길 Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin 's Tearful Kiss

In Shark, episode 13, Jo Hae Woo(played by Son Ye Jin) and Kim Joon(played by Kim Nam Gil) shared a tearful kiss.

Joon was attacked by an unknown man at the parking lot, and came home injured. Hae Woo, who was waiting for him in front of his door, saw him and was surprised. She helped him inside and said, “This is too serious. Let me take you to the hospital.” However, Joon shouted, “Go home.” Hae Woo brought a first-aid kit and took care of his wound.

Joon looked at her sadly, and suddenly kissed her. Hae Woo was surprised but she could not resist her first love. Hae Woo teared up and left. (koreandrama.com)


  1. the whole scene was so moving

  2. their eyes said it all... the love, pain, regret,longing, and pleading. so heart-tugging. SYJ and KNG are great.