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[News ✮ 2013 | Shark / Don't Look Back Recap ] 김남길 Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin 's Open Wound Kiss Behind the Scenes Unfold

[by Joy Kim] First kiss scene from Kim Nam gil and Son Ye jin was aired on recent episode of the drama The Shark, and their behind photo from the scene was released.

On 13th episode, Kim Nam gil came back home bleeding after he was attacked from unknown man and discovered by Son Ye jin. Son followed Kim Nam gil to the house and started to look after his wound. Than suddenly Kim Nam gil starts to kiss her.

At the beginning, Son was surprised but soon they started kissing. After the scene was aired, their kiss scene became an issue among online communities. They looked intensed and yet sad at the same time.

Despite what it looked on camera, the scene was shot in rather fun and bright atmosphere. According to the drama’s production company Annextelecom, two actors were totally relaxed and they were joking on the set making the staffs laugh.

A photo from the scene was released of two actors from the scene. The photo was taken before the kiss scene. Kim Nam gil acting is as if the fake wound really hurts and Son Ye jin gives a gentle tab on his back with a grin.

 Because the kiss scene was important in the drama, where it shows both of the character finally realizes about their existences and emotions explode. Staffs were nervous about the scene but two actors eased the intensity and brought smile to the studio.

According to the drama staffs, two actors are very hard working and acts as a professional when camera starts running and when it’s turned off, they are fun and easy going. They also added they are happy for their working environment.

Meanwhile, story about vengeance, love and plot – The Shark is broadcasted every Monday and Tuesday from SBS. (photo by Annextelecom)

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