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[News ✮ 2013 | Shark / Don't Look Back Recap ] 김남길 Saves Nam Bo Ra Even After Getting Shot

In Shark, episode 16, Han Yi Soo(played by Kim Nam Gil) saved his sister, Han Yi Hyun(played by Nam Bo Ra), even after getting shot.

Yi Hyun’s kidnapper held Yi Hyun as a hostage and threatened Yi Soo to jump into the ocean. Just then, Kim Soo Hyun(played by Lee Soo Hyuk) was able to save Yi Hyun from the kidnapper, but they eventually lost him.

Yi Soo and Yi Hyun finally met as siblings again. However, they had to be separated again because Yi Soo was still planning to carry on with his revenge. Yi Hyun teared up and said, “I’m worried to death. I’m scared that something might happen to you again. Live with me.” Yi Soo replied, “I need to finish up something. It won’t take long. After it’s done, I’ll keep our promise.”