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[News ✮ 2013 | 상어 Shark] Son Ye Jin Finally Knows who 김남길(Kim Nam Gil) really is

Shark Episode 11 Review: Son Ye Jin Finally Knows Who Kim Nam Gil Really Is

In Shark, episode 11, Jo Hae Woo(played by Son Ye Jin) finally knew that Kim Joon(played by Kim Nam Gil) was her first love, Han Yi Soo.

As soon as Hae Woo found out through a security camera that Joon was Yi Soo, she called him out to a park. She looked at him with her eyes filled with tears. She said, “Please stop, Yi Soo. If you do this, you’ll only become one of them who made you like this.”

Yi Soo stared at her and said, “You’re trying to stop me? If you want to stop me, you’ll have to follow me to hell.” However, Hae Woon answered, “If I can find Han Yi Soo again, not Kim Joon, I’ll follow you wherever it is, even if it’s at the deepest part of hell.” (Source)