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[ 상어 Shark / Don't Look Back ] Let’s be absorbed by Han Yi-soo’s charisma with her eyes and facial expressions!

  •  Eyes lit with charisma  1. Glare at Chairman Jo
    Yi-soo is glaring fiercely at Chairman Jo, whose mind is full of hate.
    Few can stand his forceful personality.  
  •  Eyes lit with charisma 2. I am Kim Joon!!
    When Hae-woo calls on him late in the night and tells him to stop his plan of revenge, Yi-soo resists her with burning eyes.
    Do Yi-soo’s defiant eyes look attractive?
  •  Soft eyes  1. Missing Hae-woo
    Yi-soo’s eyes are shaking whenever he sees struggling Hae-woo
    He sees Hae-woo struggling and has tears in his eyes.
    His watery eyes seem to make fans’ hearts sad.
  •  Soft eyes 2. Missing younger brother Yi-hyun
    Watching his younger brother Yi-hyun disappearing from him, Yi-soo regrets making his brother go wor without serving him even a spoonful of rice.
    Kim Nam-gil is giving a perfect performance, from Han Yi-soo as an incarnation of vengeance, to Han aching with longing!!
    To what fantasies will his eye take us next?  (KBS GLOBAL)